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We provide Premium local Azle Pest Control with upfront prices, no contract required, and free retreats when needed!

Carpenter Ant pest control in Springtown, Texas

The Best Azle Pest Control

We provide premium Azle Pest Control, as well as providing exterminator services in Weatherford and Springtown without the hassle. This means we don’t try to upsell you on all types of different treatments for different pests. We have a couple of basic options for our pest control treatment. Although the Service you get will be anything but basic! We service all of Azle TX and beyond. Trust a company that focuses on serving Azle TX and the surrounding areas, trust us for your Azle TX Pest Control needs, as well as rodent control services in Azle TX.

You probably found us because you were referred by one of our many customers, or you searched for pest control near me or an exterminator near me. Either way, we are glad you did! Click on the menu and select text us from your phone, and we will serve your local pest control needs in Parker County! We look forward to helping you out!

Springtown Pest Control

While we are known for Azle Pest Control, we are no strangers to Springtown Pest Control. Springtown is full of beautiful homes with really large yards. With those large yards can be large bug populations. I have seen massive flea and tick infestations in Springtown, as well as lots of spiders and scorpions. Springtown also gets more than its fair share of fire ants and carpenter ants. From the new neighborhoods with scorpions to the old farmhouses with termites, we can handle all of your Springtown Exterminator needs.

Weatherford Pest Control

We also provide our same premium services in Weatherford, TX! So if you need Weatherford Pest Control, we are here for you. From Willow Park and Hudson Oaks to the shops around the beautiful Weatherford courthouse, and all the way to Peaster and Millsap, and back around to Lake Weatherford, we are here for you. If you have been here for years, you know the kind of pests around the area, but if you are new to Weatherford, or Parker County, you will find out really quick. I’ve had customers that didn’t know what a fire ant was, they obviously found out fast. Weatherford has a large diverse population of pests, making Weatherford Pest Control Services a top priority.

yellow jacket wasp control in Azle Texas

Azle Wasp Control

Certain years certain pests come out in larger numbers than usual in Azle, Springtown, and Weatherford. When that happens, we make sure when we treat your property, we look for that problem and treat it properly. Right now, in late 2022 the wasps have come out in large numbers in Parker County, so I am offering a Wasp Control Treatment in Azle, Springtown, and Weatherford to help. If you see wasps, text me at 1-(817)805-7973 to set up a treatment! Now that we are approaching fall, these wasps are finding places to camp for the winter in a hibernation-like state. You do not want this to happen on your property if you can help it. We treat your property with a good residual treatment that will take care of the wasps so you don’t get a bigger explosion of them next year.

Tick in Azle, Texas

We focus our pest control on the local area of Azle, Springtown, and Weatherford, Texas

To be able to offer the ultra supreme pest control package that we do, we stick close to home. We teeter-totter on the Weatherford side of Azle, TX, and go to church in Azle, TX. We do have a few people we service further out, such as in NW Fort Worth, TX, but to keep our prices low and our service and customer satisfaction that we do, we try to stick close by.

Our number one goal is customer satisfaction, and that comes with making results happen. When you have Azle Pest Control come out, you are getting the best technician around, an actual Certified Applicator Licensed for residential and commercial pest control for everything from general pests to termite and bed bugs. With a license from the State of Texas TDA and insurance to cover, we make sure your insects are a thing of the past.

Wasp nest removal in Springtown

Highest Rated Residential and Commercial Pest Control Company

We are insured and licensed in Texas to help you with pest and termite control. Our objective is client safety and complete satisfaction with pest-free living! Once you experience our great service, you will see why we remain the highest-rated pest control business in North Texas. We keep an average rating of 5.0 on all rating systems, look us up and see for yourself!

We provide pest control services with upfront pricing!

We understand that you do not want to deal with pest threats. Let’s face it, you live in the area that you do because you want that small town, you want that country life that Azle TX has to offer. We are a pest control business that understands that, we are the same way.

If you have been in the Parker or Tarrant county area long enough and someone asks you what bug problem do you get in your house or yard, well that is laughable. Out here we get all types of pests. So If I just offer a pest control treatment for spiders or ant control, and no other pest, well that just wouldn’t be right. So I created a pest control plan that covers almost all pest problems and potential pest threats.

Ultra Supreme Pest Control Treatment

We offer an ultra supreme pest control special for just $189.95 with a 2-month warranty! How can we provide top pest control services, serving Azle TX, and still provide excellent customer service? We take our time and use the right pest control chemicals and tools to ensure your property is treated well the first time, a job done right, unlike some Dallas area company that doesn’t understand how to service rural properties. We are efficient in our services to eliminate insects, bugs, wildlife, and rodents. If you need us back during the warranty period, we will not charge you. Contact us to schedule now and get peace of mind!

No Cost, no questions Pest Control Retreat warranty

Included in the 2-month warranty with the supreme special are cockroaches, including German roaches, all ants, including carpenter ants, fire ants, fleas, all spiders, scorpions, and other wasps, hornets, and most other common pests. If you have a specific insect or other types of pest infestation that you want to be included in your warranty, just ask. Our Pest control Professionals can provide the services in Azle TX to eliminate whatever bugs or rodents such as rats or mice you might be having a problem with, with quick response times. This is beyond what you get when you trust some random big city Dallas Fort Worth metroplex company.

Pest Control “Free Quote” gimmick

We don’t throw around the term “free quote” We know what that means. That is so they can get into your home and make it awkward to say no to their crazy prices, our pest control in Azle, TX doesn’t do business like that. The only thing we need to come out first for is termite treatments or rodent control.


Advanced Pest Control Equipment

The best way to get rid of unwanted pests aside from knowledgeable technicians is with our advanced pest control equipment. We have highly effective tools that can do quality work, such as:

A Thermal Camera

-A Thermal camera to find pest infestations when needed. We can use it to see how much heat the walls are giving off to see if there is a pest problem, such as subterranean termites. Subterranean termites can hollow out areas of structural wood, and it can cause a different temperature in the walls. This isn’t typically needed, but we have it for the times that it is, and with termite control, you don’t take chances. In pest control, especially in the country towns around Weatherford, Azle, and Springtown, you must be prepared.

An Advanced Duster

-A Remote control duster that can spread a cloud¬ of insecticide dust under your home or through the weep holes and attic for long-lasting residual that will do a great job to keep killing insects such as spiders, scorpions, and other insects that are trying to sneak into your house for years, also used for superior bed bug control! Bed bugs like to hide in the walls and be hard to get to. With my special pest control duster, I can place the treatment deep in the walls with the bed bugs. This helps ensure we get rid of every bed bug in your home!

Different Sprayers for Different Jobs

-We use one sprayer for the inside for household pests and one sprayer for the yard. We will also use a sprayer for bushes, trees, and overhangs to help protect against mosquitoes, wasps, hornets, flies, and so on. And one sprayer for the lower perimeter to help protect against carpenter ants and termites. These sprayers all use different pesticides to target the right pest issue in the correct location.

We use top-of-the-line professional pest control equipment and chemicals. Our quality services are second to none.


Mosquito Control for Weatherford, Azle, and Springtown

This year we have a special on our Mosquito control program. For $89.95 every 3 weeks, you will get a massive reduction in mosquitoes. We will come and do a mosquito treatment on your property up to 30 feet, and really this mosquito treatment is great for any pests that fly!

Outdoor only pest control treatment

This is for far more than just mosquitoes. This treatment will also rid you of fleas, ticks, chiggers, ants, wasps, yellow jackets, armyworms, and more! With sixty days of warranty and at the cost of only $139.95, unbeatable! We offer pest control services for the North West of the Fort Worth, TX area, including Azle, Springtown, Weatherford, and Jacksboro.

Indoor only pest control treatment

During the winter you might decide that you only want the inside treated. That is fully understandable and we are happy to oblige. We will still cover everything that we include on the ultra supreme including roaches, including German cockroaches, all ants, including carpenter ants, fleas, all spiders, scorpions, and other wasps, hornets, and most other common pests.

This pest control treatment is the same cost as the outside only, 139.95. And while it doesn’t include the yard, it will include the base around your house a couple of feet out to stop pests from entering your home.

Black widow spider being treated by Weatherford Pest Control Service

What Pest Problems Does Our Service Include?

For the house, we will treat the areas that the pest typically crawl and live. We use long residual chemicals along the floor area to meet the wall and where the wall meets the ceiling. We will also treat around under the sinks and any potential moisture areas that could be harboring pests.

Fleas and Ticks are included in the pest control services

If you are also having a flea and tick issue, our technicians will treat all the floors as well. Other pest control companies might offer lower prices, but if you want more than a few pests taken care of, you really want premium pest control services to cover almost all pest threats.

Yes we are the best scorpion and spider exterminator in Parker County!

We don’t mess around when it comes to spiders and scorpions. After years of studying these pests, I have learned all of the best and latest methods to get rid of scorpions and spiders in north Texas. I will say, it isn’t easy, that is why I recommend only trusting a pest control company that is highly experienced in spider control and scorpion control!

We use the best pest control duster on the market!

Not only will we be spraying the best pest control chemicals on the market, but we will also be applying pesticide dust into any entry points we can find. The dust we use has years of residual, so it will definitely last for at least the warranty period.

We will go to every weep hole and attic vent on the outside of your home. We will put dust in them, so scorpions, spiders, ants, fleas, and other common pests can’t find their way into your home. After that, we will treat the perimeter of your home, from top to bottom.

Long-lasting pest control residual indoors and out

Then we will treat your yard with long-lasting professional pesticides that are sure to give you an enjoyable time outside without getting eaten alive with pests! We make sure the pesticides we use are both, safer than most, and last longer than most. They are not cheap, but you get what you pay for!

No rush to finish pest control

I know other pest control companies that can treat your home in 15 minutes. I’m not one of those companies. I want to take time with my pest control service to make sure you are thrilled customers. I usually take 1-1.5 hours to do the whole house and yard. I refuse to do just enough so that you are happy for a month, then need me again, I want you to be a happy customer.

A local Azle, Springtown and Weatherford pest control service company you can trust

That is why I give as good of a warranty as possible and take the time to do it right. When you let Azle Pest Control do the work, you’ll get more than just trained technicians; you will get a certified applicator who knows what he is doing. Hundreds of people are satisfied because we know what we’re doing! Our pest control specialists take care of your pest problems. No matter what type of pest, they can help! If you have any questions about pest control, please text us at 1-(817)805-7973 to schedule your pest control treatment.

Along with pest control, we are also highly trained and certified in termite control and other destructive pests to give your home the termite protection it needs!