They move so fast! And right to your plate of food, or worse, to your guest’s plate of food! Flies will always be among us as long as their is something for them to live on and lay their eggs. This includes all foods, animals, fruits, vegetables, animal feces, and other decaying things.

It is true that we cannot wipe out an entire population of flies. But we do have a special chemical that will greatly reduce their population. It is applied to windows as well as other areas where flies tend to be attracted to and land. This sticks to those areas and continues to work!

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Gnats/Fruit Flies

Grrr these aggravating little creatures can have you swatting at what looks like nothing, but oh so irritating! These things can live up to 5 months and lay up to 300 eggs per day! They lay their eggs in many different places including dead insects and small animals.

Fruit flies are similar but come from a different family of flies. They are attracted to fermented or rotting fruit. This is why they like vinegar items too. They do not eat the fruit, but it’s the fungus that grows on the rotting fruit that they enjoy. This means that they can infiltrate your home by feeding on rotting fruit inside your sink drains as well. So just because you threw out the bad fruit on the counter, doesn’t mean that the source is completely gone. It’s important to remove that source and then call us!

Either one of these two are annoying and the female gnat can even bite! No one wants that! Contact us today!