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armyworms eating
army worm larva 1
If you have bermudagrass listen up! Your lawn is not randomly dying; well, it could be because of something else, but suddenly looking dead within hours to days in the past few weeks, most likely armyworm caterpillars. These creatures will even invade your home! They may not live long inside, but I don’t want them crawling or flying around my home!
Update on the armyworms, I am now seeing them at all stages around Azle and Springtown. I found my first armyworm moths Thursday and have heard reports that large numbers of them have been spotted sooner than that in certain areas.
Remember, when the moth emerges, within five days, it will lay most of its eggs over 1,000 on average, and within about a week, those eggs will hatch. So the first stages of the armyworms do not do much damage; after a few days, they reach the age to munch down on that bermudagrass in a quickly noticeable way.
I am not only treating for one stage of the armyworm but also for all stages of the armyworms. Moths are included in my treatment plan because if you treat the yard, the moths could fly in overnight and choose your house to lay eggs. Imagine a hundred egg-laying armyworm moths laying eggs all over your property; you probably won’t find the tiny eggs, but on average, 100 armyworm moths (a very conservative figure) could produce 100,000 armyworms.
If you live around Azle or Springtown and have been outside or driving around, you have seen it. Dead-looking yards and caterpillars are all over the place. Now we have plenty of moths starting up. They will be dark.
We are having one of the worse outbreaks of armyworms, and it isn’t over yet! The next crazy batch will be munching away in about two more weeks, so protect your yard today! Unfortunately, after they do their damage, your yard becomes easily susceptible to a host of other pests, fungi, and diseases. And don’t forget the food chain; other pests will feed on the armyworms and grow their population! This will create a vicious pest cycle this fall, hence why I am offering a three-month warranty on this special!
At Luper Industries Pest Control, we are running a special that will cover armyworms for three months! This special starts tonight and is only good till the end of September unless I decide to extend it.
It is a modified version of our ultra supreme special. Along with armyworms, I am including carpenter ants, along with fleas, ticks, chiggers, roaches, ants, scorpions, spiders, crickets, camel crickets, mole crickets, centipedes, millipedes, silverfish, clover mites, and earwigs, and a reduction in mosquitoes, flies, and wasps!
This price is $199.95 for the house and yard up to half of an acre!
Your house and up to 1 acre is $249.95; each additional acre is $99.95 per acre.
Give your property complete protection today from these invasive and destructive pests!
We are fully licensed and insured: TDA TPCL 0789187