The biggest pest scare for most are spiders, and boy do we have our share of the bad spiders in north Texas. The ones to be the most concerned about in the Azle and Springtown area and really all of DFW are the brown recluse spider and the black widow spider. The black widow spider will usually be found hanging around the eves and overhangs of your home, usually always outdoors, under outdoor places like sheds, barbeque pits, under kids playhouses and such.

Brown recluse spiders can be found indoors more often than black widows. The brown recluse can be found in closets, in shoes and such. These spiders are the worse because when they bite you can not usually tell until it is to late, as apposed to the black widow that you will feel before they can inject their venom. We have very special chemicals that are specifically designed to kill spiders and keep you as safe as possible from them. Call us today if you see these pests!