Rodent infestations can not only cause damage to your home, but they can also cause health issues, physically and mentally, to hear that rat gnawing through a wall can drive a person insane!

Listen, as a pest control professional I have to make hard decisions, such as what treatment method is best, including safety. There are a lot of companies that do it the old fashioned way of just putting out poison and hoping the rodent doesn’t die in your wall and create a smell beyond belief that will make you want to tear down your walls. Or worse, it dies in the middle of your yard and your pet eats it and could get sick or die from the poison still in the rodents system. Even worse than that a child gets a hold of the poison that a rat drug out of bait station.

The other options are sticky pads, live traps, electrocuting traps, snap traps and so on. The liabilities of those are obvious, and it is missing one key element, the knowledge of if it caught anything, and if so what did it catch. if you don’t check on them often enough the animal will rot and stink on the trap to unbearable levels, and checking too often is a major annoyance and expensive if you are having a professional check them.

This brings me to my invention!


Trap-n-Tell is simple, it is a device that connects to your home WiFi and when something gets trapped inside it can get a photo shoot before getting hauled off from your house. That’s right, it will detect a rodent or even a snake has been caught inside and will take a picture of it and send it to your phone, even if you are on vacation, and it will send you the atmospheric conditions at the live animal camera trap telling you the temperature humidity and even the barometric pressure! This is useful to just see how the weather is in your own backyard, or telling you how hot it is in the attic or under the house, just a little feature I designed into the trap that I felt would be beneficial.

Now once you receive the image if you are a do it yourselfer you can then open the trap to release the animal somewhere far away or if not you can send it or have the trap send it to a pest control operator to come empty the traps. That simple.

The smart live trap can be plugged into a simple phone usb charger or use a usb battery bank, with a decent 30 dollar battery you can go weeks without needing a recharge, with a particular setting, or even run it for months on 4 aa batteries if you want to forgo a few features.