Pests Found In Texas

North Texas is home to plenty of pests. A pest means any animal or plant that is dangerous to human or domestic health. The term is primarily used when creatures damage crops or animals or cause nuisances to humans. Some species are disliked due to bites or stings; snakes, wasps, ants, bed bugs fleas also belong to the list. Other visitors into the home include cockroaches whose habitat has contaminated food, beetles that penetrate the wood, or even pantries. If you want to get rid of pests and what pest control process is best for your needs, contact an expert at Luper Industries Pest Control.

Pest Control for North Texas

At Luper Industries pest control, we are constantly studying and researching different pests in our area and keeping everyone informed of outbreaks of particular pests in Texas, particularly the DFW Metroplex. Below you will find more information on each of the most common pests we have in North Texas.


North Texas has plenty of ants. You will find carpenter ants doing their job eating dead trees throughout the year, but sometimes not doing their job and eating your home! Fire ants are great at clearing your property of other unwanted pests, but the first time you or your child steps on a fire ant mound, they lose their appeal!


Bedbugs are not just in Texas; these pests are all over the world. They live inside and die in high heat, such as over 125 degrees or so. These creatures will flat out make your life miserable! Over the past few years, the population of bedbugs has exploded!

The Bed Bug was nearly eradicated in the 1950s and 1960s but has resurfaced. The bed bug is a tiny, round insect with no wings that feed on human blood by biting them at night-time. They are difficult to eradicate as they can hide in cracks and crevices; therefore, they may be present for some time without being seen. Bed bugs are not known to spread disease, but they can cause painful skin reactions and may affect some people who are allergic to bedbugs.


If you have ever dealt with fleas, you don’t need to read how bad they are. I have been at properties where my pant legs are just covered in these horrible creatures within minutes. You don’t even need to own an animal to get these pests; they will find their way onto your property. Fleas will eat your legs up before you even realize what is happening!


Gnats and flies can be bothersome and seem to attack in great numbers. This is because gnats and flies usually lay eggs in masses of over 100 near the breeding source, which is why it seems like they are coming from everywhere. In addition, these insects tend to breed in wet areas such as animal feces; the eggs will remain dormant in the soil or other places, possibly even inside your home, until conditions are right.


Mosquitoes spread the West Nile virus, amongst other diseases, which is a severe health concern. Mosquitoes can also make outdoor tasks extremely frustrating, especially when they are in great numbers. Unfortunately, with this pest you can do everything right and still find yourself dealing with mosquitoes. The best first step to control mosquitoes is by keeping your property correctly treated. Another crucial step of prevention is dumping any standing water.


Roaches are just one of those creatures that seem to thrive, no matter what you do. They infest restaurants and grocery stores, and homes. These are some of the most challenging pests to get rid of. They will eat just about anything! So the first step you need to make is make sure you are not providing them with food. This includes not leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight. Next, you need to be proactive and send us a message to let a professional exterminator eliminate these pests.


Scorpions are a common pest found in North Texas. They have a stinger located on their tail to ward off predators, even the human type. If you have ever received a sting from one of these vicious creatures, you know that they hurt! People who have allergic reactions to the sting can experience much more severe reactions. Scorpions will feed on small insects and spiders. They can be found under lumber, flower pots, and firewood. These pests are also known to come in through the sewer, weep holes, other cracks, and crevices in your home. That is another reason we power dust into all the weep holes, cracks, and crevices going into your home.


Spiders are actually a very essential part of our ecosystem, but that does not mean you should welcome these pests into your home. Spiders do a great job controlling other pests, but they can be an issue for people who are highly fearful of them. Texas has so many different types of spiders, and they can cause different issues. One of the two most common venomous spiders in the United States is the Brown Recluse Spider, which has a very nasty bite. They can be challenging to control, but with the right treatment, you should be able to get rid of them quickly. The other is the Black Widow spiders, and they are also no stranger to Texas. Their venom is very poisonous and can lead to death without immediate medical attention. However, they are timid spiders but will attack if threatened or provoked. Even with that, it is not a pest problem that you want to have.

We carry the best pesticides to treat a wide variety of spiders that need to be controlled and get rid of their food supplies through proper pesticide use.


If you have ever seen termite damage, then you know just how bad these pests can be. These are absolutely some of the most destructive insects in the entire world to structures such as houses. Even brick homes can get termites because under all of that brick is a wooden frame, the home’s structure. Termites are social insects, meaning these pests live in large underground colonies. These colonies have many queens, which are the only ones that can reproduce. When these colonies are in need of food, they will send out foragers to search for anything containing cellulose. This can include trees, wood beams, and your home.


Ticks are the pests known to cause Lyme Disease, an ailment that can be very dangerous. They are known to carry other diseases as well. When the population of ticks is out of control, you might want to consider contacting a professional exterminator. In addition to the diseases, ticks can cause itchy bites and sores that may become infected. You need to be proactive about getting pest control services to treat your tick infestations right away.


Wasps are another nuisance that needs to be eliminated immediately. Like many other insects, wasps are beneficial until they get into your attic or home. When they are threatened, wasps will attack. Their sting is quite painful and can lead to many different health issues that a professional needs treatment if you have a reaction. Do not try to treat this pest problem yourself as it can be very dangerous if this pest is provoked! We provide the best wasp control and extermination services in North Texas.

Do you need to get rid of all of these pests for good? Please send us a message and let Luper Industries Pest Control take care of all of your pest problems. Luper Industries is licensed by the State of Texas Structural Pest Control Board of the Texas Department of Agriculture. In addition, we follow the laws and regulations of the United States Government on the proper use of our pesticides to protect you, your family, and your property.