Azle, TX

Located just a few miles NW of Fort Worth, Azle is a dynamic community. The population of Azle has almost doubled in size to over 13,400 since 2000.

Azle Texas was first settled in 1846 when James Azle Steward moved to the area and built himself a two-story log cabin. Azle was officially named O’Bar in 1881 when the first post office was established. It was changed within 2 years to Azle, after James Azle. The city grew slowly as a farming and dairy area. It was incorporated in 1957.

Today everyone seems to want to move to Azle to escape the city. Although Azle is still a town with traditional values. The town is full of new homes, new businesses, and new families. Today it is genuinely a family-oriented town with a small population that is growing at an exponential rate.

Azle is home to Eagle Mountain Lake, a man-made lake. With a surface area of over 8,700 acres, this lake provides many recreational opportunities for residents and visitors. It is surrounded by wooded parkland and offers fishing, boating, water skiing, swimming, and nature trails.

The economic strengths of the community are due in part to Fort Worth’s proximity to the community. The monetary base is primarily retail, professional services, and manufacturing.

The demographics show that the median family income is $75,000. The median housing value is approximately $182,000; this makes it affordable for families of all sizes. With the median age of 40, and the population boom, everybody seems to want to move here!

The mascot of Azle ISD is a Hornet named Buzzy.

With many things to do here, aside from the lake and parks, our favorite is “music in the park” during the summertime. It is free and includes different live bands every week.

In conclusion, Azle is a dynamic community with many economic strengths and recreational opportunities. The median family income is $75,000, the median housing value is around $182,000; this makes it affordable for families of all sizes. The population has almost doubled in size, and everyone seems to want to move here to escape city life.