Termites in Azle, Springtown, and Weatherford, Tx

Termites will literally eat you out of your house and home. These pests have the ability to destroy your home, and it is recommended that all homes that have a wood frame be treated. If you don’t know when your Parker County house was treated, now is a good time to look into getting treated! It can take as little as 5 years for termites to completely destroy a home.

Most Common Termite Infestation Types in Parker County

In the Azle, Springtown, and Weatherford, the most common termite is the subterranean termite. These termites live underground and move upwards using their saw-like jaws to eat the wood of your home, creating what we call “mud tubes”. Their colonies can consist of up to 2 million termites! And they don’t sleep, they eat 24/7 destroying your home.

We Destroy the Termite Colonies

But don’t worry! We can take care of these subterranean termites for you! We use a technique that involves drilling into the ground at exact intervals around your home and injecting a chemical that will kill living termites and protect your home for 10 years!

Signs of a Termite Colony

If you think you have termites, or see evidence of mud-tubes in your home, contact us today! We can do inspections and termite treatments!

Azle Pest Control has been providing Azle, Springtown, and Weatherford residents with termite control services for many years now. We are highly experienced and a very trusted company in the area. Call us today for more information or to schedule an appointment!

What damage can a termite really do?

Termites can cause a substantial amount of damage to a home. Not only can they eat away at the structure, but also what is inside such as furniture, or even picture frames on the wall! Unfortunately most of the time you will not even realize that you have termites until they have already done a lot of damage to your home. If you do not know when your home was last treated for termites, it is best to call us today and schedule an appointment.

– The importance of a termite inspection – Why should I have my home inspected?

It’s always important for homeowners to be aware of the condition their homes are in and any conducive conditions and what could happen if they don’t take care of it right away. Termites can do so much damage before you even realize that there is a problem, which is why we recommend getting your Parker County Texas home looked over by our trained professionals! We want all homeowners living happily with no worries about termites or any other pests that may cause structural damage to their property. Call us today for more information!

Azle, Springtown, and Weatherford Termite Inspection

The most important part of our job is the inspection. There are many things that we need to look for while inspecting, but generally speaking, if you do not have any termites now then there will be nothing to worry about and no action needs to be taken today. If your home does have a problem with termites or other pests then it’s time to take care of business! We want all homeowners to live happily without worrying about termites or any other pest infestation in their homes.

– Why Choose Azle Pest Control for Your Termite Control Services in Weatherford Texas?

We have years of experience treating termites. We typically will do a Termidor treatment that will include a 10 year warranty. We will treat around the entire perimeter of your home, injecting the termiticide underground where the termites live. Termidor is a non-repellant termiticide that is less toxic than many of the other pesticides available.

– What to Expect From Our Service?

A termite treatment typically takes a few hours. We will set up an appointment that is convenient for you and we’ll take care of the rest.

Message us to get started today!

When should I get a termite treatment?

If you do not know when your home was last treated for termites, it is best to call us today and schedule an appointment. Termite treatments by us typically last around 10 years, so if it has been longer than that since your home has had a treatment, then it is probably time for another one. Other pest control companies might use a different technique or different termiticides that only last a year, so it is critical to find out.

– What is the process of getting a termite treatment?

When we treat for termites, we will inject the termite treatment chemical all the way around your home, every 12 inches. This creates a barrier that the termites will cross. The treatment is a slow kill, this is by design. The termites will take the termiticide back to their nest where it will kill the rest of the colony. This technique is very effective and has lower toxicity for humans and pets.

– What are some signs that I have termites in my Azle home?

There are a few things that you can look for that might be an indication of termites. One is if you see wings around your home, especially near doors and windows. Another is if you see mud tubes going up the side of your foundation or any cracks in your foundation. You might also check the trim around your windows, termite damaged wood can be found by trying to stick a screwdriver through the wood. You can also tap on the wood and sometimes you will find termite damaged wood that sounds different. These are just a few things to look for, but if you have any concerns, it is always best to call us, a professional pest control company to come out and take a look.

Can I get termites in a brick home or structure?

Absolutely, under all of that brick is a structure made of wood. Wood is what termites eat, so they will go right through the brick to get to the wood. It is important to have a barrier between the ground and your home to prevent them from getting in.

How often should I get my Weatherford home inspected for termites?

If you have never had an inspection or treatment for termites, we recommend that you get one every year. If you have had a termidor treatment within the last 10 years, then you should be just fine as long as you do not see any indication. This is why using us for your termite treatment, as well as your pest control service comes in handy.

Our Pest Management Professionals will constantly keep an eye out for any signs of termite infestations and termite damage while we are treating your home for general pest control. From turning over logs close to your home making sure it is not full of soldier termites and worker termites in infested wood, to searching for signs of winged termites. They are actually interesting to watch if you ever feel brave enough to turn over some old wood, the termite workers look almost like a cross between ants and maggots, and the subterranean soldier termites will come out and try to fend you off and warn the colony.

What are winged termites?

Winged termites are termites that will leave their current nest in order to mate and start a new colony. Once the termite queen finds a mate, they will shed their wings and start to tunnel into the ground where they will start their new colony. Termite swarmers usually pop up around springtime after a good rain, but in the Azle, Springtown, and Weatherford, Tx area, it can actually happen any time of the year. This is why it is so important to have a barrier in place because if termites get into your home, they will eventually start their own colony and cause even more damage.

– Can I treat for termites myself?

We do not recommend it. Termite treatments are very detailed and require specific knowledge and equipment. You do not want to risk your home, and by the time you purchase everything, it is going to cost close to the same. And the chemicals such as termidor can not legally be purchased without a license.

Is there such a thing as termite prevention

Absolutely, you do not have to have a termite infestation to protect your home from subterranean termites. We can provide the same treatment that we use to get rid of termites, around the perimeter of your home to create a barrier. This will help prevent termites, including termite queens from ever getting into your home during termite swarms.