Areas We Service

Luper Industries is a pest control company that can handle any pest problem you have. We understand that many rural areas do not have many options in pest control services, and we’re here to help those communities with reliable and reasonable pest control services.
We service NW Fort Worth, Azle, Weatherford, Springtown, Jacksboro, and all the areas in between.

Being in a rural area shouldn’t cost you the peace of mind you deserve, and we are here to help. We are not trying to take advantage of people that choose to live in smaller towns. Y’all are our kind of people! When you hire us for your pest control services, we consider you a friend, not just a customer or neighbor. We will always do anything that we can to help you out.

At Luper Industries, we enjoy the more rural areas, and we realize those areas are very underserved with good options for reliable and reasonable pest control. We’d rather drive 45 minutes to Jacksboro, Weatherford, or Poolville and take care of you all than to deal with the big city, and you get to benefit from that. We know how frustrating it can be to get pest control service quotes that are outrageous. Some won’t even tell you a price till they get there. We are open and honest, upfront pricing, so you know what you will get and what you are going to pay for it before we even have an appointment set.

We do not pressure anyone into any services and do not arrive just to upsell you on extras. We run our business the way we feel Christ would have us to do, just like my preacher always says, just do good! You can’t go wrong just doing good.

So if your home or business needs pest control services, then message us today so we can get out there and get you fixed up!