Jacksboro, TX

Jacksboro is a town in north Texas that was first settled in the 1850s. It was initially called Mesquiteville because it was located in a mesquite bosque. In 1858, the town was renamed Jacksboro, named after William and Patrick Jack. The town has a vibrant history.

In fact, Fort Richardson was built to protect the settlers from attacks by the Native Americans. Therefore, the town of Jacksboro is an integral part of Texas history.

In 1859, the town had enough inhabitants to support a post office. Later the military purchased Fort Richardson to use as a hospital for wounded soldiers. In between 1861 and 1866, the population of Jacksboro was small because many residents fought in the Civil War. But after 1865, the town grew again.

In 1898, trains began to stop in Jacksboro due to the completion of a Chicago, Rock Island & Texas Railroad.

There are several reasons that people have chosen to move to Jacksboro. It is close to Fort Worth and Dallas, two of the larger cities in Texas. People all over North Texas want to escape the big cities, but they still need a reasonably priced place to live. That is where Jacksboro comes in.

Common Pests in Jacksboro include :

1. Ants- From carpenter ants to the red imported fire ant, Jacksboro has them.

2. Mosquitoes- The most dangerous pest in our community.

3. Ticks- Biting and Lyme disease can be a problem in Jacksboro.

4. Crickets- Crickets are an occasional nuisance and can be found in some yards.

5. Mice- Mice are an occasional nuisance in Jacksboro

6. Termites- Termites are a constant problem in Jacksboro, especially with all the older homes.

7. Roaches

8. Fleas

9. Spiders- They’re often found in crawl spaces and closets.

10. Carpenter Bees

11. Silverfish- These tiny bugs can be seen in small homes and apartments.

12. Snakes- These reptiles are found in Jacksboro, from rattlesnakes to copperheads.

13. Bed Bugs